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Vascular Access for Bloodpurification Methods and Catheter Technology, by R. Bambauer (Ed.)

Category: Medicine/Medical books
Item number: ISBN 1-59326-008-3
Price: 23.00 EUR   (w/o VAT 21.50)
991, 256 pages
ISBN 1-59326-008-3 (USA)
ISBN 3-928057-16-2 (Europe)

The vascular access was an important part of the International Symposium held at Homburg/Saar from 10-12th November 1988. This Symposium "Vascular Access for Bloodpurification Methods and Catheter Technology" was sponsored by the International Society for Artificial Organs (ISAO) and by the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO).

In the two days symposium scientists, physicians and bioengineers presented and discussed their results with temporary and permanent vascular access for bloodpurification methods on a very high scientific level. The experiences with one-, double lumen or implantable catheters, new technologies and biocompatibility problems were critically considered and the opinions concerning the development in this important field were exchanged.


T. Agishi, K. Osanai, T. Kawai, S. Ozasa, T. Hayashi, M. Kimikawa, S. Fujita, S. Onitsuka, K. Kitajima, K. Ota: Risk Factors for Blood Access Trouble in Maintenance Hemodialysis

T. Agishi, T. Hayashi, H. Honda, S. Ooba, S. Teraoka, K. Ota: Complications in Vascular Access Device Treatment

R. Vanholder, N. Hoenich, S. Ringoir: Eleven Years Experience with Continuous Central Venous Catheter Hemodialysis: a Review

A. Gucek, J. Drinovec, R. Ponikvar, J. Varl, M. Malovrh, A. Bren: Eight Years Experience with Hemodialysis Catheters for Plasma Exchange Therapy

U. Loibl, W. Manker, F. Meisl, K. Steinbach: Complications of Vascular Access in Chronic Hemodialysis: A Retrospective Study (Abstract)

J. De Meester, R. Vanholder, S. Ringoir: Hickman Catheters as a Long-Term Vascular Access for Hemodialysis in Adult Patients

J. Varl, J. Drinovec, A. Gucek, R. Ponikvar, R. Kveder: Our Eight Years Experience with Subclavian Catheters for Hemodialysis

R. Hombrouckx, A. M. Bogaert, F. Leroy, L. Larno, J. Y. De Vos: Red Cell Fragmentation Syndrome in Chronic Single Needle Dialysis

R. Hombrouckx, R. Beelen, A. M. Bogaert, F. Leroy, J. Y. De Vos: Bidirectional Blood-Pump with a Bidirectional Blood-Passage through the Artificial Kidney

A. Stalteri, G. Lo Piccolo, F. Monteleone, F. Di Giovanna: Permanent Vascular Access: Long-Term Results

M. Koselk, S. Kaplan, R. Ponikvar, A. Licina, M. Gubina, J. Drinovec: Long-Term Experience with Hemodialysis Catheters Sepsis

D. Behrend, D. Falkenhagen, G. S. Brown, G. Drews, H.-P. Putzke, H. Klinkmann: A Comparison of Different Preparatory Methods of Blood Cells for Investigation with the Scanning Electron Microscope

P. Mestres, R. Bambauer, U. Weber: Scanning Electron Microscopy of Large Bore Catheters

U. T. Seyfert, G. Pindur, C. Miyashita, G. Jutzler, R. Bambauer, E. Wenzel: Central Venous Catheter Incompatibility and Development of a Central Register for Side Effects of Biomaterials

R. Bambauer: Techniques for Percutaneous Puncturing of Large Vessels

G. Krönung: First Experience with the Percutaneous Placement of Silastic Atrium Catheters for the Short-Term Vascular Access for Hemodialysis

M. Morosetti, C. Meloni, L. Meschini, M. Taccone-Gallucci, S. Di Giulio, C. Casciani: Comparison between Vascular Access for Immediate Hemodialysis

M. Malovrh, J. Drinovec, R. Ponikvar, A. Gucek, J. Varl: A Modified Right Atrial Silicone Catheter for Access to Circulation for Chronic Hemodialysis Treatment

R. Hombrouckx, F. D'Halluin, A. M. Bogaert, F. Leroy, J. Y. De Vos, L. Larno: Fibrin Sheet Covering Subclavian or Femoral Dialysis Catheters

M. V. Helzel: A New 2-Compartment-Catheter for Systematic Drainage from Hepatic Veins to Extracorporeal Space. First Results in Animal Studies

E. Mangel, H. Schiffl, K. J. Pfeifer: Transluminal Angioplasty in the Treatment of Stenotic Dialysis

D. Vorwerk, R. W. Günther, K. Bohndorf, D. Kistler, H. Mann, H. G. Sieberth: Self-Expanding Metallic Stent for the Treatment of Dialysis Shunt Stenoses

R. Ponikvar, A. Kandus, J. Drinovec, M. Malovrh, R. Kveder, M. Kaitna-Koselj, J. Varl, A. Gucek, M. Benedik, A. Bren, A. Suhadolnik-Licina, S. Kaplan-Pavlovcic, B. Cizman: Hemodialysis Catheters: Early Complications Related to Insertion Technique

J.-D. Lian, C.-H. Cheng: Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty in the Treatment of Renal Transplant Artery Stenosis

M. Malovrh, A. Gucek, B. Cizman, J. Drinovec: Doppler Velocity Measurements: Adequate Noninvasive Test Assessing the Capacity of Arteriovenous Fistulas for Chronic Hemodialysis?

B. Kramann, K. Scherer: Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty Versus Surgery (Abstract)

P. R. Verreet: Methods and Technology in Peritoneal Dialysis

A. Berke: Closed CAPD: A New System to Reduce Peritonitis Risk in CAPD

U. Weber, R. Bambauer: First Results With the New Closed CAPD-System

B. Stegmayr, B. Hedberg, B. Sandzen, A. M. Wikdahl: Reduced Risk for Leakage by Placing Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter through the Rectus Msucle

A. Bren, J. Drinovec, J. Lindic, A. Gucek: Permanent Peritoneal Catheter in Patients on CAPD

G. Panarello, M. De Cicco, V. Chiaradia, H. De Baz, A. Fracasso, V. Testa, G. Santini, F. Tesio: Microbial Colonization of Parenteral Nutrition Catheters. A Prospective Trial on Microbial Sources, Access Routes and Tunnellization Technique

P. Brandner, K. J. Neis, G. Bastert, W. Schmidt: Intraperitoneal Cytostatic Therapy by Means of an Implantable Catheter System

S. Naganuma, P. S. Malchesky, K. Sawada, Y. Nosé: New Trends of Therapeutic Plasmapheresis

Th. Bosch: Extracorporeal LDL-Adsorption Treatment in Hyperlipidemia: Clinical Applications and New Developments

E. Schmitt, E. Behm, F. Buddenhagen, B. Hitzschke, M. Kracht, G. Kundt, H. Meyer-Rienecker, B. Osten, M. Palm, R. Winkler, H. Klinkmann: The Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: First Results of a Three-Armed Study Comparing Immunoadsorption, Plasma Exchange and Steroids

R. Schmidt, R. Bambauer, B. Osten, P. Ivanovich, H. Klinkmann: Can a Patient Get Accustomed to a Speical Type of Dialyzer Membrane?

M. Hruby, S. Sulkova, J. Kurajský, O. Lapcík, A. Válek: The Influence of Hollow Fiber Dialyzer Reuse on Its Function


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