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Chronobiology and Chronopsychology, by Baudson, T. G., Seemüller, A., Dresler, M. (Eds.)

Category: Psychology/Psychological books
Item number: ISBN 978-3-89967-586-3
Price: 20.00 EUR   (w/o VAT 18.69)
2009, 156 pages

Night and day, sleep and wake, death and birth: All living organisms are subject to external biological cycles and inner clocks that influence our experience and behavior. But how exactly does this influence become manifest, and how can we deal with it? What are the mechanisms underlying such periodic recurrences? Or, more generally: Why is time so important – and what makes it so fascinating?
The contributions to this volume represent a broad and multi-faceted approach not only to the chronosciences in the narrower sense, but also to the way we experience and deal with the passing of time in general. Authors from psychology, neuroscience, biology, medicine and philosophy approach the subject from many different angles, thus providing intriguing insights into a truly interdisciplinary research topic.


Tanja Gabriele Baudson, Anna Seemüller, Martin Dresler:
Chronobiology and Chronopsychology: An Introduction

Jürgen Zulley:
Human Chronobiology

Wolfgang Engelmann:
Bioclocks and Biocalendars

Kirsten Brukamp:
Mind: A-Head of Time

Constanze Hahn:
Human Circadian Rhythms and Cognitive Performance

Stefan Troche, Thomas Rammsayer:
Neural Oscillations and Intelligence

Anna Seemüller:
Time and Memory

Julia Weiler:
Time Travel and the Human Brain

Tobias Ohmann:
Interval Timing: The Key to Economic Behavior?

Arnold Hinz:
Is There an Antihedonistic Tendency in Subjective Time?

Christian Kupke, Kai Vogeley:
Constitution of Cognition in Time


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