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Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Organ Transplantation, by T. Gutmann, A. S. Daar, R. A. Sells, W. Land (Eds.)

Category: Medicine/Medical books
Item number: ISBN 1-59326-063-6
Price: 60.00 EUR   (w/o VAT 56.07)
2004, 560 pages
ISBN 1-59326-063-6 (USA)
ISBN 3-89967-017-5 (Europe)

Issues in organ replacement therapy represent a paradigm for ethics and questions of justice in modern medicine.
The book - based on the December 2002 Munich International Congress on Ethics of Organ Transplantation - delivers an overview of current world-wide achievements, analyses, contro-versies, and dilemmas. It deals with the topics Equitable Allocation of Organs, Living Organ Donation around the World, Financial Incentives and Commerce in Organ Transplantation, Embryonic Stem Cell Biology / Cloning of Individuals, Genetic Engineering of Organs / Xenotransplantation, and Regenerative Medicine, which are intensely discussed among medical, ethical, and legal experts, and by the general public.
The question is raised: How to define the acceptable? And is there a single universal set of ethical norms the every-one worldwide could and should accept?


T. Gutmann, A. S. Daar, R. A. Sells, W. Land

I. Introduction

Is there a Universal System of Ethics or are Ethics Culture-Specific?
R. M. Veatch

II. Equitable Allocation of Organs

Organ Allocation on the Basis of Medical Criteria: Current International Practices
G. G. Persijn, J. Smits, M. Smith, U. Frei

The Misplaced Role of Urgency in Allocation of Persistently Scarce Life-Saving
D. W. Brock

Allocation and Transplantation of "Marginal” Donor Organs – Ethical and Legal Questions
T. Gutmann

Justice, Utility and Organ Allocation
R. M. Veatch

A Bonus-System for Previous or Declared Organ Donors, in Case they Need an Organ themselves
G. Thiel

Organ Allocation and Justice: The Necessity of an Appropriate Ethical Analysis
U. Kostka

Organ Procurement and Allocation: Ethics, Law and Practice in Different World Regions
J. F. Douglas

Visceral Grafts - New Wine in Old skins?
M. Schenk, P. Petersen, K. Dietrich, C. Gerstenkorn, M. H. Morgalla, M. J. Sessler, H. D. Becker

The High Risk Patient - A Conflict of Interest?
K. M. Rigg

“Why did I not Receive a Transplant?” - Allocation of Kidneys in Nordic Countries
M. Omnell Persson, N. H. Persson, G. Hermerén

III. Living Organ Donation Around the World

Current Achievements in Living Donor Organ Transplantation: A Transplant Clinician´s Point of View
C. Valentín-Gamazo, M. Malagó, C. Broelsch

The Changing Spectrum of Risk / Benefit in Living Organ Donation: Is a Certain Rate of Expected Post Donation Donor Mortality ever Ethically Acceptable?
D. C. Cronin II., P. A. Chiappori, M. Siegler

Kidney Donation by Altruistic Living Strangers
A. Spital

Transplant Clinicians as Moral Gatekeepers: Is this Role Simply one of Respecting the Autonomy of Persons?
D. Price

Unrelated Living Organ Donation: Aspects from a Developing Country
M. Abbud-Filho, H. H. Campos, J. O. M. Pestana, V. D. Garcia

The Regulatory Framework for Living Organ Donation: Legal Barriers or Legal Protection?
O. Guillod, J. Perrenoud

The Medical Rights of the Living Donor: Optimal Risk Information before and follow-up Afterwards
I. Fehrman-Ekholm

The Economic Rights of Living Donors – Optimal Insurance of Living Organ Donors – Whose Responsibility?
J. Steiger

Financial Temptations for and against Live Organ Donation
G. Thiel

Psychological Problems of Living Donors before and after Transplantation
A. Kiss

Nondirected Kidney Donation at the University of Minnesota
A. Matas, C. Jacobs, J. Kahn, C. Garvey

Informed Consent for Living Anonymous Adult Donors: Truth or Dare
G. Taylor, M. Allee, M. Fox, W. Barrett, C. McGee Jones, M. Mozes

Living Anonymous Adult Donor Motives: Who Knows, who Cares, why Bother?
G. Taylor, M. Allee, M. Fox, W. Barrett, C. McGee Jones, M. Mozes

Live Organ Donation - Rights and Responsibilities
A. L. Frankton, K. M. Rigg, M. Shehata

Ethical Dilemmas of Living Donors
K. S. Satyapal, A. A. Haffejee

Who Gives and Who Receives? Gender Issues in Living Organ Donation
N. Biller-Andorno, S. Kling

A Proposal for Anonymous Living Organ Donation in Germany
C. K. Rittner, A. Besold, E. Wandel

Trend in Kidney Donation Among Blood Relatives at a Tertiary Care Hospital – A 12 Year Experience
P. Singh, M. Bhandari, H. Chandra, A. Kumar, R. K. Sharma, U. Singh

Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Adults: How Efficient is Recipient Screening and Donor Evaluation?
F. Braun, T. Lorf, P. Wietzke-Braun, G. Ramadori, B. Ringe

Live Japanese Liver Donors and their Quality of Life
E. Soeda, M. Tanabe, M. Shimazu, G. Wakabayashi, K. Hoshino, S. Kawachi, M. Yoshida, J. Haga, Y. Morikawa, M. Kitajima

Acceptability and Feasibility of Cross-Over Kidney Transplantation
M. de Klerk, A. Luchtenburg, W. Zuidema, L. Kranenburg, J. IJzermans, F. Claas, M. Witvliet, W. Weimar

IV. Compensation, Controlled Financial Incentives, and Commerce in Organ Transplantation

Human Organ Trafficking: Size of the Industry and Means of Regulation
P. Häyry

The Case for Allowing Kidney Sales
J. Radcliffe-Richards

Renal Transplantation in Iran: The Iranian Model
I. Fazel

Buying and Selling Kidneys: Are we Failing our Patients?
M. M. Friedlaender

No Payments for Organs
F. Delmonico

Money and Organ Procurement: Narratives from the Real World
A. S. Daar

Financial and Other Incentives in Post-Mortem and Living Donor Organ Transplantation - Which are Ethically Acceptable?
J. B. Dossetor

Financial Incentives to the True Donors of Deceaseds Organs
R. M. DeVos, L. A. Tomatis, J. Punch

Organ Transplants: Saving Lives: Making the Case to Test Financial Incentives to Increase the Deceased Donor Supply
R. M. DeVos, L. A. Tomatis, J. Punch

Without Legalized Living Unrelated Donor Renal Transplantation many Patients Die or Suffer - Is it Ethical?
A. J. Ghods

The Principle of Reciprocity in Organ Allocation
P. Schotsmans

V. Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Cloning of Individuals

Human Embryonic Stem Cells as a New Medical Therapeutic Tool
E. Hornstein, N. Benvenisty

Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Nationalism, and Transplantation
G. McGee

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The Position of the Catholic Church
N. M. Ford

Regenerative Medicine: A Taxonomy for Addressing Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
A. S. Daar


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