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    New Manual: Ventilation and intensive therapy for COVID-19-patients

    German experts wrote the world’s first manual on "Ventilation and intensive therapy for COVID-19". This book targets all medical practitioners caring for ventilated patients with critical pathogens. Approx. 70 percent of COVID-19-patients in Germany survive the treatment in critical care units. A lung-protective procedure is essential.

    At the moment, many nursing staff and physicians from different medical fields are involved in the treatment of intensive care patients. COVID-19 raises questions, treatment strategies and problems the staff may not be familiar with. The authors compiled the necessary information in order to meet these challenges, and outlined practical solutions for the most common problems. 

    Professor Kai Zacharowski, President of the European Society of Anaesthesiology, comments: "I congratulate the authors on their initiative and I welcome their efforts. I hope that the manual will enable the readers to support the intensive care treatment of COVID-19 patients ..."

    Peter Kremeier, Sven Pulletz, Christian Woll, Wolfgang Oczenski, Stephan Böhm: 
    Ventilation and intensive care therapy for COVID-19 – Manual for all medical practitioners. Working with ventilated critical pathogen spectrum patients

    Pabst, 136 pages, eBook ISBN 978-3-95853-600-5
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