Responsible in the sense of § 6 TDG (Teleservices Act)

Pabst Science Publishers
Wolfgang Pabst (CEO)
Eichengrund 28
D-49525 Lengerich, Germany
Telefon: ++ 49 (0) 5484-308
Fax: ++ 49 (0) 5484-550

VAT Registration Number: DE 125540298

Office USA
Dustri Verlag, Inc.
P.O. Box 561205
Rockledge, FL 32956-1205, USA
913 Hialeah Street
Rockledge, FL 32955, USA
Phone (321) 960-9342
Fax (321) 414-0219

Renate Pabst
Wolfgang Pabst

Editorial Office
Erika Wiedenmann

Publishers Office
Silke Haarlammert

Armin Vahrenhorst
Bernhard Mündel 

Responsible according to press law: Wolfgang Pabst



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